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21 September

8am - 1pm

26 October

8am - 1pm

23 November

8am - 1pm

Expressions of interest are now open for the upcoming Carlisle Street Market – a celebration of community, creativity, and connection right in the heart of Balaclava.

We’re looking for artworks, handmade accessories, ceramics & pottery, health and wellbeing products, bespoke/one-off products and more.

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Dianella Lane Parking
22 Dianella Ln, Balaclava

Carlisle Street Market

About the Market

The Carlisle Street Market is a vibrant community hub in Balaclava, Melbourne. It hosts morning markets during spring on September 21st, October 26th, and November 23rd at Dianella Lane Parking, from 8 am to 1 pm.

Visitors can extend their stay by exploring the Carlisle Street Precinct, which includes diverse offerings such as Food & Drink, boutiques, health & wellbeing services, and more. Local businesses within the precinct benefit from increased foot traffic generated by the market, providing them with opportunities for heightened visibility, customer engagement, and sales growth. This synergy between the market and the precinct creates a dynamic ecosystem that supports entrepreneurship, community connections, and economic prosperity within the Carlisle Street area.

Furthermore, the final market on Saturday 23rd November coincides with Balaclava Boogie: a weekend-long festival showcasing local artists performing at various venues throughout the area. The festival adds a touch of music to the Carlisle Street Market, featuring DJs and a Record Fair that will enhance the festive atmosphere and provide visitors with a unique and immersive experience. This collaboration between the market and Balaclava Boogie not only enriches the cultural landscape of the precinct but also offers local businesses an additional opportunity to attract festival attendees and showcase their products and services in a lively and celebratory setting.

The Carlisle Street Market, with its fusion of local flavours, artisanal crafts, and community spirit, serves as a beacon of creativity and connection in Balaclava. By supporting local businesses, promoting community engagement, and attracting visitors to explore the vibrant offerings of the precinct, the market plays a pivotal role in nurturing a thriving and inclusive environment for all. Carlisle Street Market is a place to enjoy the essence of Balaclava, where art, music, food, and culture converge to create a memorable and enriching experience for residents and visitors alike.