Balaclava Boogie
Balaclava Boogie

Balaclava will be home to Melbourne’s newest FREE music festival when Balaclava Boogie takes over the Carlisle Street Precinct on the last weekend of November. Artists with local connections to the area will perform in live music venues, bars, cafes and restaurants over the weekend of November 24-26, 2023.

One of Melbourne’s most dynamic festival acts, JAZZPARTY, headline SUNDAY SERVICE a free concert, while artists such as Delsinki, Little Wise and the McNammar Project will perform at venues including Pause Bar, the Local Taphouse and Voodoo Lovechild Speakeasy.

Browse through the schedule below and we’ll see you at Balaclava Boogie!

Friday 24th

Delsinki & Brooke Taylor

The Balaclava Hotel
123 Carlisle St, Balaclava
7pm – 8pm

Delsinki, is a prolific Australian artist who  collaborates with notable musicians like Jim Moginie, Kylie Auldist, and more. His music paints a vivid picture of urban life, tackling topics from pollution to lockdowns, while embracing the call of nature. Delsinki aims to bridge the gap between city and wilderness, highlighting the evolving impact of urbanization on rural areas. Join him for an unforgettable musical journey.

Brooke Taylor is a Melbourne-based singer, songwriter and guitarist. Her music style encompasses folk, rock and country elements. Wowing crowds with her magnetic energy at gigs and music festivals across the country, including St Kilda Music Festival, Bruthen Blues Festival, Leaps and Bounds and The Taste Of Tassie. She has also recently become the newest member of Mick Thomas’ Roving Commission in 2021. Her Debut Album ‘It’s The Little Things’ launching at #2 on the Australian Independent Album Charts July 2020. “

The McNaMarr Project

Pause Bar
268 Carlisle St, Balaclava
8pm – 10pm

The stars aligned in the musical universe when Andrea Marr and John McNamara, both well respected and experienced Australian Soul and Blues artists in their own right, combined forces to become The McNaMarr Project.

In 2019 they released ‘Holla & Moan’ – their debut collaborative work. The album won the Vic/Tas blues awards for Album of The Year and Song of The Year.

Their second album ‘Run with Me’ was nominated for Best Blues work in the prestige Music Victoria awards and in November 2022, Andrea Marr was inducted into the Blues Music VictoriaLegends Hall of fame.

Sophie Skline

Little Wise

The Local Taphouse
184 Carlisle St, Balaclava
8pm – 10pm

Little Wise makes music for the drifters and the dreamers. Brimming with melodic hooks and a piercing, heart-on-sleeve lyricism, she conjures a magnetic collision of vintage Americana and modern folk-rock.

A festival favourite, Little Wise has toured widely across Australia and has performed at the hallowed Bluebird Cafe (Nashville TN) and in New York City. Her dynamic live show, equal parts swagger and swoon, has seen her handpicked to support the likes of Frazey Ford (Canada), and ARIA award-winners The Audreys and Mia Dyson.

In 2024, she is set to release her highly-anticipated third album ‘Taken by a Feeling’

Genki Tanaka

Milk Head Beers
183 Carlisle St, St Kilda
8pm – 11pm

Tokyo-born, Naarm/Melbourne-based DJ Genki Tanaka continually impresses dance floors with his unique style in music, ranging across a broad spectrum of genres. His music, heavily inspired by the characteristics of his hometown Shinjuku Kabuki-Cho provides an eccentric experience to the average Naarm punter.

Recently returned from a tour in Japan where he played at various venues including the world-renowned WOMB nightclub. And supported DJs such as Chaos In The CBD, Byron The Aquarius, CC: DISCO!, DJ Nobu, and Escape Artist throughout his career.

Now residing in Naarm/ Melbourne for the indefinite future you can catch Genki frequenting venues such as Sub Club, Colour, Dr Morse, Music Room and Section 8. Or curating and running events GOLDENTIME.

Max Konig

Voodoo Lovechild
143 Chapel Street, St Kilda
9.30pm – 11.30pm

Prepare to embark on a mesmerizing mystical journey with the sensational saxophonist, Max König.

Max König’s music captures the essence of both spirited celebration and religious devotion. An accomplished composer, König paints vivid musical landscapes, reminiscent of ancient synagogues, transformative meditations and the soul-stirring rhythms of Arabic dabke. Simultaneously, König and his band, steeped in the jazz tradition, embrace the spontaneity of spur-of-the-moment improvisation and the unrestrained flow of the stream of consciousness. König’s music evokes his deep love and reverence for Jazz, Jewish and Arabic musical legacies.

DJ Upstairs

Malewa City Food & Bar
63 Nelson Street, Balaclava 
6.30 pm – 12 am

Saturday 25th

Mal Webb & Kylie Morrigan

Parks Bar
246 Carlisle St, Balaclava
1pm – 4pm

Vocal adventurer, multi-instrumentalist and looping beatboxing songwriter Mal sings his brain provoking songs using all sorts of vocal techniques, guitar, mbira, slide trumpet, trombone, chromatic harmonica and a loop recording pedal called Derek. And Kylie (who’s played with Orchestra Victoria and the likes of Stevie Wonder and Barry White!) provides violin and voice in a perfect balance to Mal’s nuttiness. Their arrangements are intricate and playful. 

Dino Bravo

Pause Bar
268 Carlisle St, Balaclava
5pm – 7pm

Schooled in the scorching, late ’60s antics of Detroit’s mighty Stooges and rollicking ’70s era Stones, St Kilda’s own Dino Bravo came up through Melbourne’s early ’90s pub scene, hell-bent on good times. Three decades later they’re still flying the flag with fantastically loose, all original, hip shakin’ rock action.


Eugene Hamilton

Eugene Hamilton & The Money

Ms Carlisle
137 Carlisle St, Balaclava
8pm – 10pm

Having become a regular favourite in the St Kilda live music scene, Eugene Hamilton went from a residency at Claypots, to the Dogs Bar, to sell out shows at Memo Music Hall.

Formed by six of Melbourne’s most experienced, hard-working, and talented musicians, Eugene Hamilton plays with genres and styles in a joyfully unpredictable and seriously challenging way. They can turn Kylie into klezmer, Beyonce into cocktail swing, Divinyls into Northern Soul, Bob Marley into Texas swing, Steely Dan into 60’s boogaloo and mash up Bob Dylan with Serge Gainsbourg – smashing down musical boundaries, and doing it with skill, taste, and attention to detail all the way.


Milk Head Beers
183 Carlisle St, St Kilda
8pm – 10pm


Voodoo Lovechild Speakeasy
143 Chapel St, St Kilda
8pm – 10pm

Lyra, a gifted singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, will take you on a musical journey that’s both heartfelt and soul-stirring. 

Her emotive vocals, combined with a blend of psych-rock, indie, and jazz, create a truly unique live performance. Lyra’s lyrics dive deep into human emotions, connecting with audiences in a profound way. 

Backed by a talented band, her live shows are a captivating fusion of artistry, passion and creative freedom. Don’t miss the chance to be moved by Lyra Caltabiano’s live performance—it’s a musical experience that speaks to the heart.”

DJ Upstairs

Malewa City Food & Bar
63 Nelson Street, Balaclava 
6.30 pm – 12 am

Sunday 26th


Rear 202 Carlisle St Balaclava

Monk Bodhi Dharma (Carpark)

2 pm – 7 pm

Jazz Party

Enjoy an afternoon of FREE live music at “SUNDAY SERVICE”. Yes, we have saved the best for last with a five-hour showcase of exceptional talent, featuring Amos Roach, Spawn, Synchotronica, Delsinki, and headliners JAZZPARY. Don’t miss this chance to experience the finest performers in town at our free carpark (Beer Garden) stage. It’s an event you won’t want to miss!

Amos Roach

Amos Roach

2pm – 2.45pm

Amos Roach, a proud Ngarrandjerri/Djab Wurrung/Gunditj Mara man, weaves a healing narrative through his music, drawing on traditional First Nations culture. His songs traverse the landscapes of Desert, Riverland, Saltwater, and the city, like the drifting smoke of a fire. 

Amos is a cultural practitioner, grounding his craft in the deep connections between people and Country. He blends Didgeridoo, Flamenco-influenced Rap, family ballads, and Rock into his songs, evoking the essence of land and culture in every note, inviting us to dance to the rhythms of his soulful voice.



3pm – 3.45pm

Synthotronica, the artistic alter-ego of Ania Reynolds, a renowned composer and multi-instrumentalist, has been delighting Melbourne streets with her infectious beats. From Moomba to Prahran Square, Rosebud Jetty, and The District Docklands, her music sparks spontaneous dance parties. Her eclectic sound blends Afrobeat, dub/reggae, glitch-hop, wonkstep, steampunk swing, and Ethio-jazz, captivating Melbourne’s music scene.


4pm – 4.45pm

Spawn, hailing from Melbourne, is a band reborn in 2021, evolving from doom-metal roots into a mystical force. Their music draws from ’60s psychedelic rock, Eastern scales, and spirituality. With seven diverse members from across the globe, they craft an enchanting stage presence. United by their love for music and each other, they embrace the ethos of “in all ways 1”.

Spawn invites you to join their captivating journey, promising not just music but a profound experience woven with sound and spirituality.       


5pm – 5.45pm

What do Jim Moginie, Steve Pigram, Kylie Auldist, Mick Thomas, Freya Josephine Hollick,Brian Ritchie, Richard Tognetti, Tim Rogers, Nick Seymour, the late Dion Hirini (Vika & Linda Bull), Monique Brumby and Mark Atkins all have in common? DELSINKI has joined creative projects with them all.

Like some sort of city-bound bush poet, Delsinki sings of his environment – from carbon monoxide and asphalt plains to lockdowns and the dream of escape – and he feels the ever-present lure of nature. He would seek to rewild the city, but also sees the evolving urban impact on regional areas.


6pm – 6.45pm

JAZZPARTY, an electrifying musical collective hailing from Melbourne, is an eight-piece sensation led by the unmatched vocal prowess of Loretta Miller, complemented by the co-writing brilliance of band leader and saxophonist, Darcy McNulty.  This ensemble isn’t just a band; it’s a living, breathing entity that ignites stages and recordings alike with the intense fire of its exceptional musicianship.

The birth of JAZZPARTY was serendipitous, a beautiful accident that quickly evolved into a phenomenon. They burst onto the scene, rapidly gaining notoriety through their legendary month-long Monday night residencies. They’ve taken their musical journey across Melbourne, performing in every nook and cranny, often lugging their upright piano along for the ride. With each performance, JAZZPARTY captivates audiences, leaving an indelible mark in the vibrant Melbourne music scene.

DJ Mermaid

DJ Mermaid is not only a fiery staple on Melbourne’s rock’n’roll scene, she is one of Melbourne’s and New Zealand’s premier rock DJs.  And she will be our resident DJ, who will take you from set to set and beyond. 

The Bornstein Ultimatum

Pause Bar
268 Carlisle St, Balaclava
4pm – 7pm

The Bornstein Ultimatum is a dynamic band renowned for delivering unforgettable renditions of iconic 60s and 70s classics. This Melbourne-based ensemble boasts a lineup of top-tier musicians, featuring talents like Ross Hannaford, Wilbur Wilde, Michael Oliphant, Mitch Cairns, Tommy McKewan, David Bornstein, and frequent appearances by special guests such as Mick Pealing, John Dallimore, Bobby Bright, Paul Williamson & more.

Jimmy Phoenix

Portone Bar
246 Carlisle St, Balaclava
5.30pm – 6.30pm

Jimmy Phoenix’s vocals are operatic in scope and have a gutsy folk Australiana tinge to them.

This takes the listener deep into sonic bliss territory. A landscape of formation that is noir, cinematic, and unique, yet leaving you comfortably familiar.

Jimmy is the main songwriter/frontman for A Whale Called Phoenix and Gypsy Collector. 

Ash Gaudion

Ash Gaudion

Portone Bar
246 Carlisle St, Balaclava
7pm – 9pm

Ash Gaudion is a jazz and roots musician, featured in Melbourne’s Shuffle Club Renowned
Swing band for 20 plus years. Ash also performs with Simon Phillips in duos locally.

Ashley has been surrounded by local and international jazz and blues artists all his life.
He honed his musical talents from a very young age and is now well-established as one of
Australia’s predominant jazz and blues vocalists and saxophonists. Son of the well-known
jazz trumpet player Peter Gaudion, he has played and sung with many of Australia’s finest


Dyl Thomas

Milk Head Beers
183 Carlisle St, St Kilda
8pm – 10pm

Hailing from Melbourne, Dyl Thomas grew up on a steady diet of 90’s Hip-Hop. His music is original and well worth exploring: Dyl Thomas on bandcamp.

Julian Steel

Julian Steel

Voodoo Lovechild Speakeasy
143 Chapel St, St Kilda
8pm – 10pm

Julian Steel is a multi-instrumentalist, producer and visual artist from Melbourne, Australia. He has worked for over a decade honing his skills as a musician and composer and in recent years has begun exploring his capabilities within the realm of music production.

After many years busking throughout Port Phillip and playing shows across Melbourne’s vast network of live music venues, he has just debuted his original project and in 2021 we will see the first volume of his 24-track collaborative album with artists from Australia and abroad!

Balaclava Boogie is bought to you by the Carlisle Street Traders Association – 200 Businesses working together to make a difference in their local community and make Carlisle Street a more inclusive and exciting place to live, play, experience, and enjoy.

Cretive Director – Jessica Robinett (Jungle Presents)

We would like to thank our supporters and sponsors. With out their commitment to supporting the arts and our community this would not be possible.

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